Today in the city Shafter 23.04.2017
Snoring Sucks: 6 Couples Sound Off About This Noisy Nuisance

Imagine one minute that you’re soaring through dreamland, on the back of a magical dragon no less, and the next, you’re jerked awake by what sounds like a dying hippopotamus. It may be bet...

6 Places To Capture Incredible Landscape Shots In Grand Teton National Park

By Jonathan Irish To say that Grand Teton National Park is an iconic photography destination is almost an understatement. The jagged peaks of the Teton Range, along with the stunning natural beauty a...

Pedigree Vs Legend: How Does The Fiat 124 Spider Stack Up Against Its Mazda MX-5 Sibling?

After more than a decade since the Barchetta disappeared from Fiat’s line-up, the Italian carmaker has made a long-awaited comeback to the roadster market with its good-looking, great handling 124 Spi...

'The Spider And The Fly' Gets Stuck In A Web Of Self-Regard

Reporter Claudia Rowe documents her fascination with serial killer Kendall Francois in The Spider and the Fly — but the book focuses on Rowe's thoughts and needs at the expense of the victims.

Audi’s Ferocious New R8 Spyder Puts Your Ears Closer to Heaven

The convertible lets you hear the naturally aspirated V10 all the better. The post Audi's Ferocious New R8 Spyder Puts Your Ears Closer to Heaven appeared first on WIRED.

'Spider And The Fly' Delves Into Mind Of A Murderer — And The Reporter Who Covered Him

In 1998 reporter Claudia Rowe was living in Poughkeepsie, New York, working as a stringer for the New York Times, when she started covering a series of murders.

Video: Spider milking time at the zoo

"Now what we do is gently stroke the spider, or aggravate it a little bit. What happens there, the venom accumulates on the end of the fangs in little drops. We don't want it to shake, and shake off t...

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